South Jersey Academy FC Programs

Our club offers the following programs to help the players succeed and address their specific training and development needs at these stages in their soccer career.

Player Development

Players develop at different rates as they get older. Because of this we offer private and group training to help players who need extra attention in a particular area of the game or personal skills. Please visit the player development site for a list of what is currently available.

Pre Academy

The primary focus is individual player development while educating the players and parents on the basics of the game. Begin to promote the idea of becoming a soccer fan by watching other teams play, watching professional games on television and in person. The players will be trained by coaches that are properly licensed for this age group based on US Youth Soccer standards.


 Continue to develop the individual players at an advanced technical level while educating the players on game tactics. During this program, the club will guide the teams through the process of being accepted into the appropriate tournament network. This is very important so that the teams are prepared for the next program and begin to compete at the highest possible level. Strongly encourage the players to learn more by studying the game via reading materials, watching as many games as possible on TV and in person, attending camps and working with younger players. The players will be trained by coaches that are properly licensed for this age group based on US Youth Soccer standards. A college showcase and recruiting program will be in place for all of the players. The players will be trained by coaches that are properly licensed for this age group based on US Youth Soccer standards

Summer Select - South Jersey Academy FC Summer Program is dedicated to serving the needs of the more committed and highly skilled soccer player who is looking for a temporary home. Our program is geared towards allowing players to come from various clubs; play and train together in a highly competitive environment; then go take these skills back to their home clubs. We accomplish this by providing an advanced level of instruction, thereby preparing him or her to be a proud representative of our Club at local, state and regional competitions. The Program strives to produce confident players who are interested in reaching their athletic potential within the sport of soccer. The end result is a better player both in skill and game knowledge.

About Pre-Academy U8 to U10
About Pre-Academy
Our Pre-Academy program is geared towards player development, with the emphasis on gaining and improving player skill as opposed to winning every game. We believe that by building a solid foundation of skills and player awareness that the results will follow. As a result we will make certain that every player has the opportunity to start 1/3 of the games played and each player will receive play time that is tied to the players effort, typically this is half a game. Player’s who sit the bench do not learn and develop so our goal is to give all players as much time as possible. To assist in making this possible, we will form up to 2 teams in this age group consisting of no more than 12 players each.

In this age group, we will also work on educating both players and parents on the basics of the game, ie. rules, positions, general game methodologies. We will encourage both parents and players to become more than just a participant of the game but rather a fan. Watching professional games on television and in person will help players and parents learn more about the game as well as building an appreciation for good play. This will help players become well-rounded in the game and progress to their full potential.

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